The Alumigator Ramping Tool (ART3)


Cutting Diameter 0.1875 0.25 0.3125 0.375 0.5 0.625 0.75
End Type R.01 Corner Radius R.015 Corner Radius R.02 Corner Radius R.03 Corner Radius R.04 Corner Radius R.05 Corner Radius R.06 Corner Radius R.08 Corner Radius R.1 Corner Radius R.12 Corner Radius
Length of Cut 0.625 0.75 1 1.25 1.625
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SKULength of CutCutting DiameterEnd TypeStockPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
1184820.6250.1875R.01 Corner Radius74$29.72
1183000.6250.1875R.03 Corner Radius39$30.69
1184830.750.25R.01 Corner Radius178$36.23
1184840.750.25R.04 Corner Radius42$37.20
1184850.750.3125R.01 Corner Radius6$42.07
1184860.750.3125R.05 Corner Radius3$43.54
11808310.375R.015 Corner Radius68$49.09
11808410.375R.06 Corner Radius37$50.87
1180431.250.5R.015 Corner Radius85$71.43
1176011.250.5R.06 Corner Radius59$70.87
1186951.250.5R.08 Corner Radius32$73.49
1184871.6250.625R.02 Corner Radius49$117.81
1183011.6250.625R.06 Corner Radius15$117.21
1195941.6250.625R.1 Corner Radius21$120.52
1184881.6250.75R.03 Corner Radius29$170.24
1196211.6250.75R.12 Corner Radius7$173.90


The Alumigator is a new series of the next generation high performance end mills that cuts through tough materials with ease.

  • 3 Flute
  • This end mill is designed to ramp into pockets at speeds and ramp angles surpassing the current industry capabilities
  • Faster by 3 to 4 times than a traditional end mill
  • Strong core and highly engineered cutting edges, produces an extremely strong cutter
  • 45° ramp angle, so you can reach the bottom of the pocket
  • Faster material removal rates exceed traditional aluminum roughers
  • Available in sizes ranging from 3/16”-3/4”
  • Several radius size options come standard
  • Combination of geometries, produce a short curled chip that is evacuated quickly to help prevent double cutting chips and keeps the flutes from packing
  • There is an Alumigator end mill for every aluminum roughing application • Special corner radius size is available upon request

Modify this Tool

Modify this Tool

Modified standard tools are made fast and to your exact specifications.
  • Shank flat for side lock style holder.


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